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Vans and stories from the newest members of the Rossmönster family.

DURANGO – Currently Available!

Story: You tell us!

Goal: Sleeps two, kitchen with an oven, versatile gear storage, room to entertain friends.

Solution: 144” Sprinter, Convertible couch/bed, swivel seats, Solar, Fridge, Dry flush toilet, bike storage, ski storage, MaxAir fan, Led lights, range/oven combo, the list goes on…


Story: Mike is a semi-retired skier and adventurer. In the summers he loves to spend time on the river with family and friends.

Goal: Off road capabilities, room for the family, sleeps two, capable of entertaining five people.

Solution: 144” 4x4 Sprinter, removable bench with seat belts, sink, fridge, water storage, pull out gear storage in back, garage lights, alternate battery bank with inverter.


Story: A professional motocross rider from Colorado. Rob spends most weekends posted up at the track competing. His vehicle is a central hub for teammates of family to escape from the commotion of the races.

Goal: Comfortable to entertain, maximize indoor and outdoor functionality, place for the dog to sleep, keep refreshments cold for teammates and fans.

Solution: 170” Sprinter, raised bed, convertible  L-bench to dog bed, fridge, awning, fold out exterior table.


Story: Becky is a professional climber out of Montana. Loves all things outdoors, from working in the outdoor industry to spending quality time at the crag.

Goal: Get quality rest while maximizes time at all climbing destinations, fully capable kitchen, off grid capability.

Solution:136” Promaster. Large solar array with battery bank, propane stove, large sink, propane heater, comfortable seating for four friends.


Story: Adam and Maggie wanted a change of pace from big city life in Chicago. They wanted to visit bucket lists places and visit friends across the U.S. Exciting story still in making.

Goal: Comfortable full-time living quarters, light design aesthetic, TONS of storage, residential grade comfort.

Solution: Farmhouse style sink, LED lights with up and down lighting on upper cabinets, concealed Nature’s Head toilet, large fridge, waterproof laminate flooring.


Story: Glen and Shanna from Colorado. Traveling Architect. Exploring all 50 states.

Goal: Comfortable for full-time vanlife, place to work, entertain guests, park in a regular parking space.

Solution: 136” Promaster, convertible dinette unit in the rear, multi purpose table, large waterfall custom countertop.


Story: Zach is an avid mountain biker from Colorado. Spending time on trails with good friends is what it’s all about.

Goal: Rugged, durable, off-road capability, support long weekends at the trailhead

Solution: 4x4 144” Sprinter, upholstered interior, large fridge, awning, solar


Story: Built for our adventurous clients Gretchen and Ken. They reside is Montana but it would be hard to track them down, they are always out backing packing, camping, and enjoying the outdoors.

Goal: Gear storage, rugged, sleep two, comfortable kitchen.

Solution: 159” promaster, raised full bed, large galley, heater, lots of light, custom walnut cabinetry.


Story: Andrew loves to spend time on the road exploring. Flying is not his prefered mode of transportation so naturally a van was a great choice for an adventurous spirit.

Goal: comfortable for weekend travel and semi-full time living, homey feel, multipurpose design elements.

Solution: 159” Promaster, large residential sink, convertible couch/bed, swivel seat, large clothes closet, DryFlush toilet.

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