Rossmönster owner’s portal

Your first stop on the road to efficient troubleshooting.



We’ve created a digital owner’s guide that encompasses all of the systems and components generally found in our builds. Not only is this guide a great source for system best-practices, but it also houses the manuals for most systems and components all in one place. We highly recommend adding this guide to the home screen of your phone. 


If you do not find the answeres you’re looking for within the digital owner’s guide, our service team is always here to help.

The best way to get in touch with Rossmonster for questions related to your camper and its service is to reach out to service@rossmonsterdesign.com. This email is monitored by our whole team and contacting us through this channel allows us to direct your inquiry to the appropriate expert quickly. Additionally, service emails always take top priority so this will be the fastest way to get a hold of us. 

*When emailing the service team, please include the following details in order to receive the most efficient and effective help.

Subject of your email: First & last name

Body of your email: What issue you’re experiencing & any steps you’ve taken thus far to troubleshoot the issue