Not ready for a rig of your own? Check out our revamped fleet of Rossmönster rental vans.

If you’re still unsure whether van life is for you, rent one of our vans to try van life on for size, and if you love it, we’ll put two nights of your rental towards your build price when you commit to building with us.



MODERN 2.0 Sprinters

Price: $275/night

Highlights: Our Modern 2.0 vehicles feature all of the bells and whistles necessary to bring comfort to life on the road. Each vehicle is built in a Sprinter 4×4 and has complete off-grid capability. The exterior of these rigs come in a variety of colors, but rest assured the interior lay out remains the same!

Our Modern 2.0 rigs house birch upper and lower cabinets, comfortable sleeping for four, and large garage just waiting to be filled with gear for your next adventure. To top it all off, this van has a stainless steel refrigerator and freezer, induction burner stovetop, outdoor shower, and a full finette that’s sure to dial up your dinner under the stars.

Sleeps 4 • Rides 4 • Automatic • 4WD

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Low Season (Oct – March): $180/night

High Season (April – Sept): $195/night

Highlights: Our Volkswagen Vanagons feature walnut cabinets, paperstone countertops and a custom build out designed for functionality. We’ve kitted each van out with a rebuilt Ford engine to allow these rigs to function as modern vehicles while maintaining the aesthetic charm of the 80’s camper van shell. Each van is complete with a stainless steel refrigerator and freezer, induction burner stovetop, and a full dinette to enjoy meals, play gin rummy, or sip a whiskey sour.

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Disclaimer* Despite kitting these rigs out with updated Ford engines, they are still very much vintage vehicles and like many vehicles of their time, they do not have air conditioning or air bags, and they strongly prefer to be driven at a slow pace when climbing up mountain passes. 

 We diligently perform routine maintenance and safety checks before each Retro-Mod hits the road, yet breakdowns remain a very real possibility. When planning a trip in one of these rigs, prepare for longer travel times and wiggle time in the itinerary in the case of a breakdown or other hiccup. 

 Our crew has a special place in our hearts for these vehicles, but they (and the adventures they may prompt) aren’t for everyone – so please book with this in mind. 



Low Season (Oct – March): $125/night

High Season (April – Sept): $140/night

Highlights: Ride five, sleep two, pull out kitchen, awning, great gas millage, custom roof rack, and a dinette seating area.

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Rossmönster Rentals Story

We started as custom woodworkers, carpenters and engineers with a passion for the outdoors and a commitment to building purposefully designed vehicles that enable exploration and experience. Yet we soon realized that not everyone has the means, or the desire, to own their own rig. Thus, the idea of a fleet of rental vans was born.

Team Story

Lucy and Zoë run the rental show, yet lean on the original Rossmönster Vans Team to bring the vision to life. Simply stated, we’re a group of friends (and their dogs) who share a passion for the Rossmönster brand and products that we create.

We started our fleet of rental vans with a goal to get more people outside, more often – and to give us the opportunity to share our work and passion more broadly.

What are you waiting for?