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The Baja

Introducing The Baja

Brought to you by Rossmönster Overland 

Built on half, three quarter and one ton chassis, this vehicles can go where others can’t. We’ve engineered this vehicle to be lighter and more compact than other expedition vehicles without compromising on aesthetics or comfort. The result, our most advanced luxury camping and overland adventure vehicle to date.








Our founder, Ross, is both a dreamer and a doer – so when he one day decided that there was a better way to do truck campers, it was only a matter of time before we found him in the shop removing the bed of a brand new F150 and beginning a year long project of prototyping and product testing.

The goal was to create a vehicle with ultimate off-grid and off-road capability, that was compact enough to get to places others can’t, and still house an interior that highlights our dedication to craftsmanship and design. Oh, and it needed to look cool too. Hence, the Baja was born.

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