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So, last year we got our email newsletter account with Mailchimp stuck. Like, jammed in a mondo bog stuck. Along a gnarly trail, we got scammed with a bogus list of email addresses and Mailchimp flagged us.

Unfortunately, a Warn winch won’t help us out. If we simply just started sending emails out to our “rolodex”, that would violate the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act, and none of us feel like doing time in a federal lockup because of email issues.

If you had subscribed with us in the past, we’re asking for you to subscribe with us again and asking for your confidence in us that we will only send you the occasional newsletter. If you are a new subscriber it would mean the world to us that you want more content, and we will honor the relationship intentionally and with respect.

We’ve also rebuilt the subscription signup form below, so that you can tell us what part of the Rossmönster Tribe you want to be in. This will help us to tailor our newsletters better for you.

Lastly, we are asking for a zip code so we can learn more about our Tribe. We are beginning to think about Rossmönster Owners & Fans events, so knowing where y’all are from can help us think about this better.

Thanks for helping us get out of this pickle! See you on the trail.

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