Kick off your journey towards a custom Rossmönster van by filling out our contact form. A member of our design team will reach out to answer questions and get the ball rolling. 


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    Summer 2023

    Next available custom van build slot

    Next available Overland Truck Camper Build Slot

    SUMMER 2023

    Next available Semi Custom Van Build

    SPRING 2023

    We try to keep lead time on new builds to 6-12 months out, however this is highly dependent on current demand. We like to believe we’re worth the wait, but understand that when the urge for adventure hits, it’s a hard urge to shake.

    In the meantime, ask us about our rental fleet and semi-custom van builds to help get you on the road faster!

    How the process works

    Initial Consult

     Process: We’ll set up a 30-45 minute initial design call to learn about you and the adventures you hope to take in your van. During this meeting, we’ll discuss your floor plan, design, system requirements and any other must-haves on your list.

    Outcome: Post consult, we’ll put together a detailed estimate and design that we’ll send your way for review. At this point we will spend as much time as necessary iterating and refining your estimate until we get it just right. Once you are comfortable with where the project is headed , you’ll pay a $5,000 deposit to secure your spot on our build schedule.



    Process: Your Rossmönster designer will send you our Decision Form which will guide you through all of the decisions you’ll need to make for your van build. This will include lots of resources and references making it easy to make decisions remotely or in person. During this stage of the design process we will capture all of the details that will make your custom van truly unique to you. 

    Outcome: Your Rossmönster designer will put together a detailed floor plan and revised estimate for you to sign off on before we begin sourcing materials.


    Process: In the months leading up to your build, we’ll begin sourcing all of the materials for your build. During this period, your Rossmönster designer will check in frequently to ensure we’re giving you the best build experience possible.

    *Please note that while we can help source your vehicle, it is up to you to purchase the vehicle prior to your build date.

    Outcome:  Once all materials have arrived at our shop and it’s time for your build begin, we’ll hit the ground running.


    Process: Most Rossmönster builds are completed in 3 weeks. During this time, we encourage you to check in frequently (whether in-person or via Facetime) to watch the process unfold.

    Outcome: Your custom Rossmönster van is complete and ready for adventure. 

    Van Pick Up or Delivery

    Process: We’ll do a detailed walk-through (virtual or in-person) of your van ensuring that you know how every system and feature of your custom rig is operated. 

    Outcome: You drive off our lot with the van of your dreams. 

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